Spring Job Fair

Breaking the Cycle

I began my journey with Cincinnati Works September of 2016. Hanif was released from prison that same month. Hanif had been in prison longer than I have been alive. I met him as a quiet old man who had absolutely no idea how to work electronics. He insisted on pressing random buttons on his small [Read more…]

We Take Poverty Personally

After more than 20 years in the corporate world, I am serving as CEO of Cincinnati Works – an innovative nonprofit agency dedicated to eliminating poverty. The social justice aspect of my faith has resonated with me from the time I was young. I’ve long wanted to make an impact in the area of poverty, [Read more…]

CMHA & Cincinnati Works

Cincinnati Works was recognized with an appreciation award from Cinicinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority to celebrate the ongoing partnership to help public-housing residents overcome barriers and advance to financial independence! We were among 16 organizations honored during the partner appreciation reception. CMHA and Cincinnati Works collaborate on numerous projects including job fairs, on-site information sessions, and other activities to [Read more…]

JosAllah’s story

Cincinnati Works helps hardworking people like JosAllah, who became a parent shortly after graduating from high school and was having trouble finding work. Growing up in poverty without a father, he knew he wanted a better life for his daughter.  After coming to Cincinnati Works, he interviewed at Good Samaritan Hospital and was offered a [Read more…]