A Worthy Investment

Dan Fleming is deeply involved with Cincinnati Works as a board member, program committee member, and multi-year major donor. He takes poverty personally and has written a guest blog post to share how …In my venture capital career, I enjoy evaluating the business models of new companies and the quality of management teams. We get to [Read more…]

Cincinnati Works with Lincoln Ware

We’ve got celebrities among us at Cincinnati Works! Our CEO Peggy Zink and Phoenix Program Mentor Mitch Morris were live in living color this Sunday on STAR64 WSTR! They starred on the weekly segment of Cincinnati Issues with Lincoln Ware. Want to learn more about Cincinnati Works? Click here to watch Peggy & Mitch’s moment [Read more…]

Our 2016 Annual Report!

Dear friend,We’re excited to share with you our 2016 annual report, highlighting and celebrating 20 years of impact serving your neighbors and your community. Cincinnati Works helps motivated people work their way out of poverty. This includes not only those who are unemployed, but also the working poor. Can you imagine going to work knowing [Read more…]

Spring Job Fair

Breaking the Cycle

I began my journey with Cincinnati Works September of 2016. Hanif was released from prison that same month. Hanif had been in prison longer than I have been alive. I met him as a quiet old man who had absolutely no idea how to work electronics. He insisted on pressing random buttons on his small [Read more…]