Cincinnati Works Job Fair

Cincinnati Works hosted a job fair as part of its ongoing efforts to eliminate poverty through employment on November 9, 2017. The event was held at United Way of Greater Cincinnati with a turnout of 213 job seekers – made up of 71 Cincinnati Works Members and 142 prospective clients from the general public. Cincinnati Works partnered with Jobcase to get the word out to job seekers. Jobcase was at the event providing free headshots.

Cincinnati Works has begun to hear back from Members and employers about results. 31 percent of Members reported they were offered an interview within just two weeks of the job fair. 10 Members shared that they were offered a job thanks to the job fair. 100% of employers responded they would like to attend the next Cincinnati Works job fair. Jessica Wright, director of employer engagement at Cincinnati Works, says, “The event was an absolute success. We heard the employers saying something that we like to constantly improve on, and that’s that they could tell the difference between a Cincinnati Works Member and someone who had not gone through our program. We pride ourselves on making sure that our Members are prepared to step into a new job and a new career.”

Wright continues, “We’re excited and thankful for our partnership with Jobcase. Their platform was a huge help in getting the word out and connecting with job seekers in the region. We are thankful for our employers, who are truly committed to our mission and these events. We couldn’t do this work without them. We appreciate United Way of Greater Cincinnati for providing the venue, which both job seekers and employers agree is a great location.”

Charles Roberson, who attended as a representative of Wornick Foods, says, “We’ve been to a number of job fairs over the last couple months and this is probably the most successful. There were more people than we expected, and a lot of good prospects. That’s the key. People that desire to work, and that’s our main focus.” Roberson continues, “We like partnering with Cincinnati Works because we’re helping people out, it’s getting people back into the workforce, giving second chances, and just giving people hope and opportunities.”

Ralph Robinson is a Cincinnati Works Member who attended the job fair. Robinson has been working retail but needs a steadier schedule. He says, “I did not have much experience with job fairs. I worked one job from high school for almost 13 years, and then my current job which I’ve been on for 17 years. But I do know at this point in life I need to change. What Cincinnati Works did for me to prepare me is priceless. You just cannot get this anywhere else.”

Robinson continues, “My coach at Cincinnati Works, Michael Sickles, has really kicked my butt because I got a little complacent in my situation. He told me that if you’re complaining about things and you’re not doing anything about it then you are really just wasting valuable time and parts of your life. Those words resonated, and that’s why I’m here. To make a change in my life.”

“Jobcase is proud to partner with Cincinnati Works in support of their 2017 Fall Job Fair and to have helped to expand awareness of their great resources to thousands of residents and Jobcase members in the region, ” said Fred Goff, founder and CEO, Jobcase. “The benefits of a free membership with Cincinnati Works are literally transformational – their services and support are that comprehensive. The strong alignment between our organizations stems from our shared missions: to empower job seekers. Working together, we are already seeing better outcomes, including a first-ever, web-based event outreach that resulted in over 1,000 registrations, along with an online community that sustains the engagement among job seekers even after the event is over. Together, the complimentary efforts of Jobcase and Cincinnati Works are producing exciting new capabilities, improved efficiency, enhanced outcomes for Cincinnati residents.”