Driving Life-Long Success

The road from poverty to stability is often winding and rarely easy. Inside our 2017 Annual Report, you will see the story of LeHia, who has the will to travel that tough road but needed help finding her way. Thanks to our generous supporters and the partnerships we cultivate, Cincinnati Works has guided her along the right path, literally and figuratively.

We have done the same for thousands of our neighbors over the past 20+ years, and each individual journey reveals new challenges for the community. With those experiences behind us and a bold vision guiding us, we have fine-tuned our programs and shifted our strategic priorities to meet our Members where they are, offering:

  • Increased support to the “working poor”
  • Increased community partnerships
  • Increased engagement with our Members

More than half of the adults living in poverty in our region already have at least one job, including LeHia, whose story is told in powerful detail in our Annual Report. Because of your support, Cincinnati Works has been at her side for the important first leg of the journey, providing practical services and connecting her to valuable partners. With your continued support, we will travel with her all the way to self-sufficiency.