‘The Poverty Ends in My Generation’

April grew up in poverty and has worked hard to escape it. She earned an early-childhood education certificate and is pursuing a degree in teaching special-needs children, while raising four kids of her own, one of whom has significant, ongoing medical needs.

She has leaned on Cincinnati Works for financial coaching and emotional support, beyond the job-placement assistance that initially brought her to us.

“They’re like family to me,” she said.

April’s experience is unique, but it underscores a few trends we have seen in recent years and the strategic shift our programs have undergone.

More than half of Cincinnati residents living in poverty already have at least one job. Their challenge is retaining that job and turning it into a sustainable career, and they face a wide range of obstacles to that end: transportation, child care, healthcare, debt, and more. Our coaches provide lifetime assistance in addressing those various obstacles, and our support staff provides additional expertise in targeted areas like financial coaching, behavioral health counseling, and job searching. We are much more than a job-placement agency.

“Having the support of Cincinnati Works has allowed me to be the woman and mother I was called to be,” April said. “The poverty ends in my generation.”