Advance You

Michael Powers, Cincinnati Works Advancement Member

“I am now employed full time with a real future. I have the desire of finishing my education in sociology. I want to be a motivator, especially of young people, and let them know they can improve their self-worth.” – Michael Powers, Cincinnati Works Advance You Member

Advance You functions as the culminating step on the path to economic self-sufficiency. As many individuals come to Cincinnati Works with little or broken work history, the first step is establishing stability. After Members have demonstrated that stability – often by maintaining employment with the same employer for one year – they are invited to apply for advancement status. For Advance You Members interested in pursuing career opportunities through additional skills training, attending college, development of specific interpersonal skills, and/or obtaining a driver’s license and transportation, we offer:
  • Career paths and counseling to develop an action plan for reaching self-sufficiency along with milestones to mark progress toward the goal
  • Advanced interviewing and resume & cover letter writing skills
  • A financial coach to help with establishing a budget that enables investments such as a house, vehicle, and ongoing education
  • Advance You Career Club – meetings that provide Advance You Members occasion to network, share their career experience, and attend presentations by guest speakers

Advance You  is an essential piece of the Cincinnati Works model. The end goal is not employment; it is economic self-sufficiency through employment – giving Members the means to take care of themselves and their family. Individuals first need a means to create personal stability. Once established, that stability serves as a base from which they can build toward their goals. This advancement happens not only from day to day, year to year, but also from generation to generation. A child with a gainfully employed parent has better health care, a better education, a better role model to emulate. When individuals are able to elevate themselves in economic status, they are able to provide others in their life the means to continue and build upon that success – replacing the cycle of poverty with a cycle of success and growth.

Average Advance You Member Wage: $13.45