Workforce Connection

Employee Retention

Workforce Connection services can reduce employee turnover and impact your company’s bottom line. An embedded Workforce Coach facilitates job retention services, work supports, education, and training onsite. While the focus is on frontline employees, the services are available to all who work for you. 


What is Workforce Connection?

We are an employer-based workforce solution, bringing best practices to your workplace to impact your entry-level workforce. When wages don’t meet life needs or there are barriers to consistent and successful job performance, employees receive help accessing necessary resources, ongoing skills training, coaching, and counseling to overcome challenges to a successful and productive life. We provide onsite confidential coaching that individuals can access on a predictable ongoing basis. To tackle systematic issues, Workforce Connection professionals partner with human resources and frontline supervisors to conduct assessments, make recommendations, and build ongoing collaboration. Workforce Connection is a division building off of the 20-plus years Cincinnati Works has in helping individuals retain employment and advance in their careers.

How can Workforce Connection help my company?

Employers benefit from Workforce Connection when job turnover rates and the cost of hiring and training decrease and productivity increases. Companies who invest in similar models average 150-334% return on their investment following the initial startup period. Workers gain financial independence for themselves and their families, thereby allowing employers to retain an engaged and skilled workforce. 

How do I get started?

Contact our Director of Workforce Connection, Taisha Rojas-Parker, at 513.214.1836 or by email to schedule a meeting between human resources, frontline supervisors, and our professional Workforce Connection team for a more in-depth look into our programs, services, and fees.