Staff Spotlight: Bre Carrier

The Journey to Cincinnati Works

Bre Carrier’s journey at Cincinnati Works began in June 2023, marking a significant chapter in her career dedicated to helping others make informed financial decisions. In 2014, she felt a calling to contribute to people’s financial well-being, leading her to become a Ministry Coordinator for Dave Ramsey. After six years of honing her skills and realizing the impact she could have on a larger scale, Bre decided to leave her full-time career in the health care industry, and eventually found her way to Cincinnati Works.

Lifelong Learning

Being a lifelong learner, she actively seeks new knowledge and skills, translating this information into valuable training for the Members she serves.

The Simplest Approach

When asked about her approach when meeting with a Member, Bre’s response highlights the importance of active listening. This simple yet profound practice emphasizes her understanding that effective coaching starts with a deep understanding of each member’s unique circumstances, challenges, and aspirations.

Thank you Bre!

Bre’s story is one of purpose, courage, and adaptability. Bre exemplifies a commitment to making a positive impact on the financial lives of others. Her emphasis on listening underscores the significance of empathy and personalized guidance in the realm of financial coaching.