The Cincinnati Works staff is a dedicated and passionate group of people who believe in the fundamental resiliency of people. Often we have to believe in our Members before they believe in themselves. Our staff works one-on-one with our Members helping them to overcome their obstacles to employment as well as monitoring their progress after they are employed.

Peggy Zink, Chief Executive Officer

Peggy Zink, Chief Executive Officer

Peggy Zink brings over 20 years of consulting experience with Andersen Consulting, Fidelity Investments, and T-Point Consulting plus a masters in pastoral ministry to her current role as Chief Executive Officer of Cincinnati Works. She has been intimately involved in the Greater Cincinnati community since 1993 when she led the strategic planning efforts of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. She currently sits on the board of several community organizations that focus on economic empowerment, education, and poverty alleviation. These include: CSR Academy, Employers Resource Association, Leadership Council of Human Service Executives, Flywheel Cincinnati, The Athenaeum of Ohio, Saint Ursula Academy, and Christ the King/Cardinal Pacelli School.

Peggy has surrounded herself with a team of strong employees that she trusts, allowing her to give staff the necessary range to fully explore and utilize their talents.

Cincinnati Works Staff:

Alyssa Beck, Legal Coordinator

Jennifer Bennett-Phillips, Workforce Coach

Derrell Black, Professional Development Coach*

Terana Boyd, CSR & Intake Coordinator

Carol Buschhaus, Training Facilitator

Vicki Camardo, Advancement Coach – Strategic Partnerships

Mike Cheney, CFO

Tevis Clark, Professional Development Coach

Belinda Coulter, Staffing Specialist*

Jacque Edmerson, Director of Clinical Services

Sharlene Finkelstein, Director of Administrative Services

Jason Finnell, Professional Development Coach*

Amanda Haney, Job Search & Data Analysis Coordinator

Calista Hargrove, Vice President of Programs

Yolanda Hill, Professional Development Coach

Linda Humphries, Recruiter/Chaplain

Kristina Johnson, Workforce Coach

Leslie Kish, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Cynthia Lamb, President of National Replication Office

Tamiko Mauldin, Program Director – CityLink*

Lisa Mauthe, Director of Advancement & Financial Wellness

Vickie Mertz, Trainer & Volunteer Coordinator

Mitchell Morris, Phoenix Outreach & Mentoring

Glenna Parks, Director, National Replication

Heath Parks, Systems & Process Analyst

Dave Phillips, Co-Founder

Liane Phillips, Co-Founder

Scott Priestle, Marketing & Communications Manager

Taisha Rojas-Parker, Director of Workforce Connection

Susan Roschke, Grants & Compliance Officer

Karen Sieber, Director of External Relations

Shirley Smith, Communication Specialist

Nina Terry, Advancement Coach*

TC Thomason, Workforce Coach

Franklin Thornton, Professional Development Coach

Billie Vega, Professional Development Coach (YWCA)

Edna Williams, CSR & Administrative Coordinator

Ken Wilson, Community Engagement Specialist*

Terri Wilson, Director of Member Education & Intake

Jessica Wright, Director of Member & Employer Engagement

Peggy Zink, Chief Executive Officer

*at our CityLink Center location