Cincinnati Works is a nonprofit organization that brings hope and encouragement to people living in poverty through a network of comprehensive employment services and over 75 employer partnerships. The organization serves two clients:

  • Job seekers who want to work their way out of poverty (Members)
  • Employers who pay a fair wage and offer health benefits (Employer Partners)

By addressing the multiple concerns and needs of Members and Employer Partners, Cincinnati Works is able to eliminate barriers to attaining long-term employment and, ultimately, economic self-sufficiency. This approach respects the dignity of the Members while building them up to become genuinely responsible for themselves, equipped with the necessary internal strengths and external support systems. Economically self-sufficient individuals are taxpayers, role models, and productive citizens who are able to provide for themselves and their families without public assistance.

This provides the community a previously untapped source of entry- and mid-level workers, decreased need for public resources, and solution-focused strategy to eliminate poverty in the region. These changes lead to the reduction in related problems including crime, poor health, and lack of education. With over 30% of the Cincinnati population living in poverty, the acute need for the organization’s services is clear.

There is no cost to become an Employer Partner or Member and our services are free to both.

Building a Model for Success

The Cincinnati Works model is a four step process:

Breaking Down Barriers

The Cincinnati Works approach offers support services to help Members successfully manage barriers to employment. These services include:

  • One-on-One Employment Coaching
  • Financial Coaching
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Behavioral Health & Chaplain Services
  • Educational & Training Resources
  • Transportation & Housing Resources

A Cincinnati Works membership is a lifetime membership. Moving from poverty to self-sufficiency is a process which often requires years to achieve and many obstacles to overcome.