Member Success Story: Simone Epperson

Simone Epperson

Several years ago, Simone Epperson came to Cincinnati Works in dire need of a job and dreaming of a better life. As is so often the case, a job was just the beginning.

Simone is a Cincinnati native. She’s raised two children. She loves church, meeting new people and swimming. When she came to Cincinnati Works, her life wasn’t where she wanted it to be.

“It was at a time where I was down and out and really needed a job and to get my life on the right track,” Simone said. Simone underwent job training and received clothing from Dress for Success. In short order, Cincinnati Works helped her find a job.

Cincinnati Works’ Members don’t have to stop at getting a job. Simone took advantage of tax prep, social media courses, and most importantly, financial coaching. Through coaching, she has slowly and steadily improved her financial situation. She paid off one car and is saving now for the chance to one day own her own home.

Career-wise, Simone has completed pre-kindergarten certification through Eastern Gateway Community College and is seeking work as a pre-school teacher in Cincinnati Public Schools.

“The most valuable experience I had with Cincinnati Works was when I was able to do the job training and get clothes from Dress for Success to help me get prepared for my job interviews,” she said. “The financial coaching has benefited me because it helped me to be able to better manage my money and not waste my money on things I really don’t need. Cincinnati Works has meant so much to me. It meant being able to seek out job opportunities and being able to learn interview skills to get a better job.”

To find out how Cincinnati Works can help you reach your goals, give us a call at 513-744-WORK (9675) or email and we will be in touch.