Tymira Cunningham

Within a few months of working part-time at Davis Cookie Collection, Tymira Cunningham realized she needed more from the job in order to reach her goals: more hours every week and more money per hour. Just as important, she realized what she already had in the job: a supportive boss and room to grow. “I …

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Ivy League Audience for 2nd-Chance Hiring

Rayshun Holt has told his story many times, including on television and to audiences of local business leaders. But an 8-minute presentation last March felt different. Holt and his boss at the time, Nehemiah Manufacturing CEO Dan Meyer, were invited to speak to second-year business students at Harvard University on the success of Nehemiah’s second-chance …

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‘Appropriate and Ready’ for Bold New Initiative

Cincinnati Works was one of five programs across Ohio to be recognized by the state treasurer’s office as “appropriate and ready” to launch a pay-for-success program. If the state legislature agrees, it will allow us to significantly expand our reach throughout Greater Cincinnati, helping more of our neighbors find and keep stable jobs, grow their …

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