Cincinnati Works

Barry Hampton

As he kept a vigil beside his son’s hospital bed, Barry Hampton filled yellow legal pads with the thoughts that rushed through him. Prayers for his son’s health, anger at the incident that changed their lives, appreciation for the support system he had. He wrote when he woke up. He wrote on the bus to …

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An Investment in Sustainability and Leadership Development

Cincinnati Works is honored to receive a Bank of America Neighborhood Builder award, a significant investment in the sustainability of our programs and the leadership of our organization. The award includes: $200,000 in flexible funding over the next two years, to ensure our staff has the skills and support to meet the ever-evolving needs of …

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Going Virtual

The following article is taken from our 2020 Annual Report: Piece by piece, the Cincinnati Works Member Suite was completed in 2020: a tech-enabled, rearrangeable classroom; a kitchen and lounge; huddle rooms for semi-private conversations with coaches; walls with bright colors and inspirational quotes. When the year ended, though, there were still unopened boxes in …

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