Transportation options for frontline workers

Mike Kralik listened intently as local companies described the challenges and triumphs of hiring traditionally hard-to-hire individuals – those with criminal records or in poverty or facing other barriers to employment. Kralik is the plant manager at Continental Building Products, and they are considering a similar effort.In addition to tapping into a new pool of [Read more…]

Exit prison, enter the workforce

By age 22, LaDerrick Parks had lived half his life with no parents and no desire to settle down. He did not seek a stable home and did not avoid trouble on the streets. “I was all about me,” he said.During the last few months of his most recent prison term, he was introduced to [Read more…]

Walking the Walk in Price Hill

After four people were shot in East Price Hill early this summer, Mitch Morris and our Phoenix Program outreach team spent two hours every Friday for six straight weeks on Warsaw Avenue, distributing water and flyers and talking about the role Cincinnati Works can play in changing lives.Mitch and his crew were joined at times [Read more…]

CQE is a valuable tool for employers and employees

The State of Ohio would need a forest’s worth of trees to print every law on its books, which is why many law offices only utilize the online version of the Ohio Revised Code. “The text is massive,” attorney Sasha Naiman said, stretching her hands as far apart as possible.“There are almost 1,000 laws that [Read more…]

‘I Can Keep Writing My Story’

As a child with an independent streak in a large family that moved often, Ebony Marshall has struggled with her self-identity. It fueled her work ethic in the classroom and in her career, but it also led to a decision that sent her spiraling.After laying the foundation for a successful career as a registered nurse, [Read more…]