Workforce Coaching

An innovative development program for your essential, hourly-wage employees.

WorkForce Coaching

An innovative development program for your essential, hourly-wage employees.

The Challenge

Managing entry-level, hourly employees can be a struggle. Cycles of personal crisis and lack of professional skills bog down operations and HR with unnecessary drama, absenteeism, and turnover.

  • “Why can’t he just get his life together?”
  • “Why won’t she apply for that promotion?”
  • “How does he not know those basic things?”
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Workforce Coaching from Cincinnati Works bridges those gaps through a high-touch, relationship-based approach that enables your people to thrive and your business to grow.

We leverage more than two decades of experience providing holistic, wraparound supports to entry-level workers, and we know what it takes to help them succeed.
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How It Works

Workforce Coaching embeds a dedicated Coach at your workplace to help your people do two things:


Break cycles of crisis and build a plan so “next time” is different.


Chart a career path and turn goals into reality.

The Coach-Employee relationship is the focal point of our service, creating a confidential, safe space to build trust and finally address the thorniest topics.

We provide your management team with visibility to aggregate results and anonymized success stories to have a real-time pulse on the true challenges your people face.

Impact Stories

Juanita Guilford

Juanita Guilford had worked for 11 years in housekeeping at The Christ Hospital and dreamed of a career in a patient-care role. But when she was offered an opportunity for that role, she was preparing

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Back from the Brink

“John” came to the Coach as a referral who was on the verge of termination. The two of them talked and John opened up about his struggles with depression that were causing disruptions at work.

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Financial crisis averted

“Mark” approached the Coach for help because his wages were being garnished due to medical bills from emergency surgery for a family member. The garnishments had unexpectedly tripled and Mark didn’t know what to do.

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Business Benefits

Workforce Coaching brings numerous benefits to your organization, including:

More stable workforce

with better employee productivity, retention, and loyalty

Stronger leadership pipeline

with more and better-prepared promotion candidates

More effective HR & management

with fewer distractions from employee personal issues

Testimonials & Resources

Expanding Our Partnership With DHL

Cincinnati Works and DHL are expanding our unique partnership, providing two dedicated coaches on-site at the DHL Americas Hub at the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, to ensure that all employees have direct support managing challenges in their personal life and pursuing career advancement.

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All your employees are eligible for Coaching services. Front-line employees are most likely to participate and show the greatest degree of change, but Coaches have helped people throughout an organization, including management.

We recommend that participation in Coaching is a voluntary decision by the employee. We do encourage employers to refer employees to the Coach for any professional skills development needs or in “high risk” situations such as attendance warnings or behavior concerns. Ultimately, the employee is the decision maker as to whether they use the services offered.

Coaches can be on-site to meet with employees in-person at your workplace or available virtually (via phone, text, email, etc) when not on-site.

We balance the needs of both the employee and operations to achieve the best outcome for all. Prior to implementing Coaching services, our launch team discusses this topic with your management stakeholders to customize an approach for your organization.

When a coach is on-site, our services are utilized at a higher rate when employees can meet with a Coach while on the clock. Employee meetings with a coach are not time intensive, with the first meeting typically between 30-45 minutes and follow-up meetings generally between 15-30 minutes or less depending on the topic.

In most cases when employees are struggling with an issue, employers are already losing productive time, they are just not aware of it.

Workforce Coaching is a high-touch, individualized service founded on a relationship with the employee to build trust and create change. Coaches leverage direct referral partnerships with best-in-class resources specific to Greater Cincinnati to help your people obtain their goals for stability and advancement. Coaches can also improve utilization of the benefits you are already have, such as your EAP, for needs like on-going mental health counseling.

There is no limit to the number of Coaching sessions, and Coaches act as an accountability partner to follow-up with employees, encouraging them forward until the goal is resolved.

We customize Coaching services based on your operational needs, the needs of your employees, on-site versus virtual Coaching, and other factors that influence cost. Contact our team to discuss and develop an estimate for your organization.

Contact us for an introductory discussion. Once you decide to implement services with an agreed scope, we can have coaching up and running in 4 easy steps that typically take just 4-6 weeks:

  • Implementation plan meeting with your management stakeholders
  • Launch Coaching to your supervisors with short training.
  • Train Coach on your company’s benefits & policies
  • Launch Coaching to all your employees! (Can be phased pilots or full deployment)