Expanding Our Partnership With DHL

Cincinnati Works and DHL are expanding our unique partnership, providing two dedicated coaches on-site at the DHL Americas Hub at the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, to ensure that all employees have direct support managing challenges in their personal life and pursuing career advancement.

“We strive to make DHL a desirable place to work – one that our people enjoy going to every day,” said Jeff Billingsley, VP and General Manager, DHL CVG Hub. “Through our partnership with Cincinnati Works, our people feel supported not just professionally, but personally, which is key in enhancing the company’s ‘best place to work’ culture.”

The partnership started with an introduction through Supply Chain OKI, which led to the launch of a coaching pilot in October 2020 for one department at the CVG Hub. Cincinnati Works coach Justin Tucker worked with nearly 50 employees during the pilot on issues such as mental health, managing finances, and work attendance.

“In just a few months, we have already seen tangible impact from the Cincinnati Works coach to help our people navigate their personal challenges and professional ambitions, while continuing to stay productive at work,” Billingsley said. “We are committed to continuing to uncover creative ways to support our employees and ensure they are successful in every facet of their lives.”

The broader rollout expands the service to DHL’s 4,500 Hub employees in all departments, with two Cincinnati Works coaches providing on-site service four days per week.

“DHL is a great example of how to differentiate yourself as an employer,” said Matt Mooney, Vice President of Cincinnati Works. “Our coaching services help them not just with productivity and employee development but also give them a new benefit to attract candidates, which is so important in this environment.”

Started in 2017, Cincinnati Works’ Workforce Coaching service has contracted with 14 other employers with room to grow. “The need is everywhere for organizations to retain the essential workers they already have,” Mooney said. “This service has proven it can deliver for employers while also delivering for our mission – by helping people and their families become economically secure.”