‘Securing the Future’ of Our Work

Tom and Jan Hardy support a number of non-profit organizations in Cincinnati. They have the means and the desire to make a significant contribution, and they wanted that contribution to carry on as far and long as possible.

They chose Cincinnati Works.

Specifically, the Hardys made a $1 million donation to the endowment at Cincinnati Works, providing funding that can be invested year after year to ensure long-term security.

“With this gift specifically to the endowment, we want to say to all that Cincinnati Works will be around for a while, continuing to do impressive, good work for our community and helping to ensure that the next generation does not experience poverty,” Tom and Jan Hardy said. “We hope that our gift will encourage other Cincinnati Works supporters to add to this important foundation for our future.”

The Hardys presented the gift during a meeting with Cincinnati Works President & CEO Peggy Zink, board chair Dave Herche, and co-founder Dave Phillips.

“There is no greater compliment that you could pay Liane and me than to invest in the future of Cincinnati Works,” Phillips said.

In founding Cincinnati Works, Dave and Liane Phillips made long-term coaching the centerpiece of the organization. Dave Phillips noted in the meeting that the Hardys are investing in the organization in the same way the organization invests in its Members.

“Securing the future is the promise we’ve made to our Members – that they are Members for life,” he said. “This gift helps us to deliver on that promise.”