More mentors needed to stem youth shootings

Mitch Morris, center in blue, leads Cincinnati Works Phoenix Program which seeks to end gun violence in our community.

According to CityBeat, thus far in 2023, 34 juveniles have been shot in the city of Cincinnati. Mitch Morris, director of Cincinnati Works’ Phoenix Program aims to change that, but he needs help.

Morris and his staff of four mentors go out into neighborhoods after a shooting and pass out leaflets about ending gun violence. He connects the at-risk youth with mentors, listens to them, and often helps them find work through Cincinnati Works.

He said guns are becoming too easy for kids to get their hands on.

“Guns are so easily accessible,” Morris told CityBeat. “There’s so many guns out there. Folks will get a hold of these guns and they’re chasing an illusion, they don’t really know the end results.”

“We need more good people to be visible in the communities. Try and show them something different,” he said.

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