More Than a Job-Placement Agency

Everyone can use a good coach. Someone to point out opportunities where others see only challenges. To navigate barriers where others might retreat. A confidante, cheerleader, teacher, supervisor.

Our coaches provide a kaleidoscope of services for our Members, beginning soon after they walk through our door and continuing for as long as the Member would like. Those services have evolved in recent years as our community and our economy have evolved, but the foundation of Cincinnati Works has remained the same: Lifelong, one-on-one coaching.

We recognize that a job can open a world of possibilities for someone in poverty, but it does not automatically erase the world of challenges they face. It is evident in census data and in our daily interactions: Poverty is more prevalent in our region today than it was when we opened our doors in 1996, even as the unemployment rate has shrunk to its lowest point in years. More than one-fourth of all working-age adults in Cincinnati live in poverty, and more than half of those adults have at least one job.

If our Members are to truly thrive, they need more than a job-placement agency. They need a partner.

Our 2018 Annual Report includes multiple stories that highlight the many ways our staff, Members, donors and employers are working together to build productive careers and end poverty in our community. Click here to read the full report. Thank you for supporting our work and allowing us to do more every day.