Ross Turpeau speaks to jobs report, needed skills

Local 12 News visited Cincinnati Works June 20 to speak with Dr. Ross Turpeau about the latest jobs report, which shows record low numbers of unemployment.

From Local 12: [Cincinnati Works] said they’re seeing lots of jobs open in finance industry, healthcare, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality. People who are looking for jobs are switching because they want more money, or more benefits. We’re also seeing retirees who are getting back into the work force looking for extra cash.

People looking for jobs are looking for careers with a good work life balance.

“They have to look at their organization and say ‘Do I have what it takes to hold onto Gen Z? Are we flexible? Are we paying market rate? Are we offering opportunities for career advancement?’ That’s what people want to see,” said Cincinnati Works Chief Workforce Officer Dr. Ross Turpeau.

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