Dustin Bramkamp

See the U in Humanity

By Dustin Bramkamp, Cincinnati Works Member

Dustin Bramkamp
Photo courtesy of CityLink Center

Our imperfections make us human, and our humanity makes us influential. I have been fortunate to work with a number of Cincinnati Works staff members, former staff members and volunteers during my time as a Member, and their love has inspired me in multiple ways.

Belinda Coulter-Harris told me about working at a call center while she attended graduate school and supported her mother. It was what I needed to hear in order to accept a similar position, even though it was not the career I wanted. It put me on a path forward.

Tamiko Mauldin, the former director of the Cincinnati Works office at CityLink Center, opened her office door to me whenever I needed it. She recommended me for a job at JACK Casino, where she had worked previously, and she is still so beloved there that my new co-workers welcomed me instantly because of their respect for her.

Amanda Haney, a former staffing specialist, still sends me job leads through LinkedIn, even though she now lives in Atlanta. The distance (and her new career) has not diminished her passion for Cincinnati Works and her desire to see Members succeed.

Carol Buschhaus, who teaches the JumpStart workshop, learned about my goal of working in finance, so she connected me to Dan Fleming, a Cincinnati Works board member and JumpStart volunteer who manages a private equity firm. Dan has become a mentor and an advocate for me. When I thanked him recently, he responded, “You are welcome. I certainly don’t know why God has blessed me with skills and intellect, but I am happy to share my gifts in order to glorify God.”

I aspire to have the same impact on others that Dan and the Cincinnati Works team have had on me.

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