Jacque Edmerson

Barry Hampton

As he kept a vigil beside his son’s hospital bed, Barry Hampton filled yellow legal pads with the thoughts that rushed through him. Prayers for his son’s health, anger at the incident that changed their lives, appreciation for the support system he had. He wrote when he woke up. He wrote on the bus to …

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Tim Smith and Jacque Edmerson

Tim Smith

Appearances can be deceiving, which is why Schwan’s Company invests thousands of dollars and countless hours in inspecting their production lines with ultrasound equipment. Every day, Tim Smith and a co-worker use expensive hand-held tools to listen for signs of wear-and-tear in the machines. “Predictive maintenance,” they call it. “You will hear a defect long …

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Patrick Smith

We do not serve clients. We work with Members. We are partners in their search for meaningful employment and economic independence. Success looks different for each of them. For some, it is collecting their first paycheck or earning a promotion. For others, it is a home of their own or a beach vacation. We offer …

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