Tony Kimble

Tony Kimble knew the lifestyle he wanted when he came to Cincinnati Works. He had it years ago: A good job that paid well, a car, a nice apartment, the respect of his co-workers and neighbors.

A series of poor choices – compounded by drugs and alcohol – cost him all of those things. When he walked through our doors in June 2019, he was just beginning to rebuild his life.

Kimble had found shelter and camaraderie at the Salvation Army, and he rediscovered his faith. Attending and completing the JumpStart workshop at Cincinnati Works was a significant step along the right path. He met regularly with his CW coach, Darlene Gray, as well as counselor Jacque Edmerson, financial coach Pete Beck and legal coordinator Alyssa Beck. He established a budget, filed his tax returns and had parts of his criminal record expunged.

“Tony took ownership and blamed himself for his mistakes,” Gray said. “But rather than be bogged down with self-blame, he was encouraged to learn from his mistakes and move forward with new insight as to how he got here, coupled with the determination to use his strength to do better.”

Kimble has remained sober for 17 months and counting, and he is intentional about managing his health. He now works at the Salvation Army – where his restoration began – and he has an apartment, a car, and a support system at work and at Cincinnati Works. He is serving as a mentor to individuals living at the Salvation Army.

“But most importantly,” Gray said, “he has a positive self-image and is feeling much better about himself. He has a smile in his voice.

“We are proud of you Tony, so proud!”

5 thoughts on “Tony Kimble”

  1. Thats amazing just one of many success stories …… Thanks for giving people like us hope and I really wish u nothing but the best just keep it up …….. Walking with god anything is possible

  2. 😇 We are all so very Proud of you! God gave you the wisdom and power and you did the rest! Never go back and always keep your eyes on King Jesus! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  3. I’m so proud to call you my brother. Like I told you, God has a plan for you. Stay strong big bro and keep being the great person you are. Love you

  4. Al Dellahousaye

    GOD is Amazing! I have know Tony since he was a child and was always a good hearted person. Life sometimes throws road blocks but GOD will lead you back to him. I am glad you are doing well. We are all proud of you.

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