New Facilitator & Format for JumpStart

Nick Jones has studied the art and science of teaching, understanding best practices and how they can be applied to different audiences. He has designed and led trainings, both in-person and online, across North America.

In his newest role, he is re-designing and leading the Cincinnati Works JumpStart job-readiness workshop, adapting it to be delivered online and to prepare our Members for online job searches.

“It was like this job was written for me,” said Jones, who was hired in mid-November to the new position of Virtual Designer and Facilitator.

He observed parts of two JumpStart workshops prior to the holiday break, then took over as the lead educator with the first workshop of 2021. He has made a few changes to the curriculum and plans to continue adapting it, as we learn more about how employers are hiring and onboarding in a post-pandemic world. “I believe in constant iteration,” he said.

Jones came to Cincinnati Works from Northern Kentucky University, where he still teaches a class in conflict resolution. While working at NKU, he earned a Master’s in Instructional Systems Design – essentially, studying the best way to teach. He previously trained call-center employees for an international IT company.

“The most gratifying thing is helping someone learn something,” Jones said, “seeing their faces when they get it. Whether it is virtual or face-to-face, our Members still have the same barriers and we are still helping them get to the same place.”