Resources to Help During COVID-19 Crisis: Stimulus Checks

Remember, the IRS will not call you and ask for banking or credit card information or your social security number. They already have it. Never give that information to anyone who calls saying they need it in order for you to receive a stimulus check.

Below is a list of common questions and answers regarding the CARES Act, a $2 trillion stimulus package passed by the federal government last week. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact your Cincinnati Works Professional Development Coach or Financial Coach.

How much will I get?

It will be based on your adjusted gross income (AGI) from your 2018 or 2019 income tax return, whichever has been filed.

  • Individuals earning less than $75,000 will receive $1,200
  • Couples earning less than $150,000 will receive $2,400
  • Head of Household earning less than $112,500 will get $1,200
  • If you have dependents, you will receive another $500 per child (so, a family of four would be eligible for a maximum amount of $3,400)
  • Note: Your payment will be reduced by $5 for every $100 of income that exceeds the earnings limit

When is the money coming?

Checks will go out by April 17 (three weeks from the date the CARES Act was signed). The IRS will use your tax information from 2018 or 2019, depending on which return has been filed. If you have been working and paying taxes, the IRS will use this information.

Will I receive a check if …

  • I am on Social Security or did not file a tax return due to lack of income? If you received a form SSA-1099 for 2019 and did not file in 2018 or 2019, you will receive a check
  • I am a disabled vet and did not pay any taxes? You will, but this process still being worked on
  • I am a college student? If you are claimed by someone else as a dependent, you would not qualify. If you filed your own tax return and were not claimed as a dependent, you will qualify.
  • I am unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits? Yes, you will receive this check if you are unemployed and have filed a tax return for 2018 and 2019.
  • I just got laid off, but I exceeded the earnings limit? You might still qualify, but you will have to wait for now.
  • I am not a US citizen? If you have a Social Security number and are working and living in the United States, you will receive a check. If you are on a work VISA or have a green card, you will receive a check.
  • I am homeless and/or I just got out of prison? You will be able to apply to the IRS for this payment as long as you have a Social Security number.
  • I owe back taxes? Yes, you will still receive this check even if you owe back Federal or State taxes.
  • I owe outstanding child support? The amount you receive will be reduced if you owe child support.

Will there be multiple payments?

Not at this time. It is a one-time payment. But further legislation could be enacted later if the need persists.

Do I have to sign up for this?

No. This will be automatic for those who filed a tax return or received social security.

How will the money be sent to me?

If you received a direct deposit refund in the past two years, the money will be sent to that account. If not, then the check will be sent to the last known address that is on record for you.

If your addressed has changed, you must notify the IRS or show your new address on any tax returns you will be filing.

Are these payments taxable or have to be paid back?

No, they are considered a credit.

105 thoughts on “Resources to Help During COVID-19 Crisis: Stimulus Checks”

  1. I just got out of prison and about to be released from a halfway house in 9 days. I am working can you help me apply

    1. Donna Mcclarren

      If someone in prison since 2016 can they get a stimulus check if a family member applies for them

    2. Ashley Leanne sulfridge

      I have been incarcerated and then in treatment from July 2016 until January 30 2020 will I qualify for any help at all?

    3. I’m in the same boat I need an Ip pin someone tried to file taxes in my name when I was locked up an now that all this covid19 is going on I can’t do anything

      1. Our understanding is that you will receive a stimulus check. If you filed your income tax return, the IRS has a record of you, and that should be enough based on our understanding of the CARES Act.

    1. I am in prison and have been for four years now, am I qualified to receive stimulus money, if yes, how do I apply?

    1. You do not need to apply for it. As it explains above, the check will be sent directly to everyone who filed an income tax return or receives social security. The IRS will use whatever info they have on file for you – either an address to send the check or a bank account for direct-deposit.

    2. I was in prison from 2012 to the end of 2019. I worked from jan to april with my checks coming direct deposit will I receive the stimulus check

    3. My fiancee is a disabled veteran, he use to receive money from the VA and SS but he’s been incarcerated for the past year and not scheduled to get out till June. I put money on his books and send him care packages. Will he still be eligible for the stimulates check? If so what will happen if the check goes into an account that he had sent up for direct deposit with the VA but it’s now closed? Will they mail it to the address he has on file?

  2. David Mack Smith

    I was just released from T.D.C.J. in August and was there for the majority of 2018 and 2019 so I was unable to file taxes these last couple years.. I’ve been working when and where I can but that hasn’t ammounted to much money at all.. I am head of household but I don’t have a bank account… How would I go about contacting the I.R.S. to see if I qualify for a stimulus check?
    Thank you

    1. Based on the information on the IRS website, you may need to file a 2019 income tax return. From “Some people who typically do not file returns will need to submit a simple tax return to receive the stimulus payment. When more specific details become available, we will update this page.”

    1. If she filed an income-tax return for 2018 or 2019, she will receive the stimulus check. If not, she may need to file a 2019 return and then she will be able to receive the check. There is more information at

    2. Phlista Holloway

      I have a son in prison now I take care of him and send him money on his books for the last 8 1/2 years will he receive any money or do I need to file for him are we entitled to the stimulus check

  3. Jeffery D Davidson

    My wife will be released from state jail in july is she eligible to receive a stimulus check

    1. Robert Anderson

      I was released from prison in Oct 2019. I filed for my stimulas check and should have received it on May 13, 2020. The IRS intercepted it because I was in prisoner status. I have been working since Jan 2020. How can I get the stimulas money back? I have tried to find out who to speak with but can never reach anyone that could help. Can you please assist me. Thank you so much.

  4. My son has an bank account he just got out of prison do he still need to apply or will they still put money in his account

    1. Our understanding is that if he has filed an income tax return this year or last year, then he should receive the stimulus payment. If he has not filed his tax return for 2018 or 2019, he probably needs to file a 2019 return before he will receive the money.

  5. My son is in prison but hasn’t been convicted yet will he receive stimulus payment

  6. Where do I go to file for the stimulus if I was just released from prison and don’t have anything to file for.

    1. I filed a 2019 w2…becouse of a ipin .that I didn’t even no .I needed of of this ..please is three any thang i can do so I can get my money ladonna combs 8172338339.

  7. Andrew Licciardi

    If I just got out of prison a few months ago will I get a stimulant check and how do I apply

    1. Raymond, we encourage you to visit our downtown office as soon as we are able to re-open our doors. During normal times, we host open orientation sessions every Monday and Thursday at 10 AM. In the meantime, you can call our office at 513-744-9675 next week and we may be able to connect you to immediate job openings in the area.

    2. My son is in jail now he’s been in jail since March of 2019 and he had direct deposit when he file an income return in 2018 and still has not been convicted yet and i don’t he he still has that bank account open or not will he still get a check and if he does get a check how will he get it

    3. I got out of prison in March and have a job part time is there any way to get help and how do I apply for it

  8. Desiree Hurbina

    My daughter is in county jail, who is 19 yrs of age has been for the last 9 months. She did not file taxes last year and she was homeless does she still qualify? What to do

  9. I have filed taxes both years but received a paper check. Is there a site I can go to to add my bank information so I can receive direct deposit instead of waiting on the check to come in the mail?

  10. My son doesn’t have a bank account he uses mine can he have his stimulas direct deposit to my account ?

    1. Frances Marrufo

      Was in prison past two years . not been able to land a job due to covid 19. Due i qualify to apply?

  11. Would someone who has been incarcerated since 2015 be eligible for the stimulus check. I would say no but would like to know what to tell them.



  13. I know someone in jail but is supposed to get out soon can they have someone file for them??

  14. I just got out of prison in March and I still don’t have a job due to the virus and I don’t know what to do to get one or even if I can get one. Can you please help?

    1. If you are in Greater Cincinnati, you can call our office at 744-9675 and leave a message stating that you are interested in becoming a Member. Even though our doors are closed because of the pandemic, we check those messages regularly and we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss options. In the meantime, if you have not yet received a stimulus check, you should check with the IRS to see if you are eligible and make sure they have your current contact information:

  15. Stephanie Austin

    I changed my address with the IRS and they have updated and there sending my stimulus check to my address, what do I do?

  16. I was released from prison on 04/30/2020. Will I also be granted the stimulus?

  17. Carol S Folsom

    My husband was on social security disability he was incarcerated from August 2019 thru April 2020 his benefits stopped thru those dates. He benefits has not been reinstated yet
    Does he still get a stimulus check? I heard because he was a dependant of the state over 6 months he does not qualify is this also true?

    1. No not true, dateline is approaching, submit 1040, he could it online through non filers. However if he submitted 2018 taxes, he should have automatically received a check. If that year you/him submitted as joint, verify your 2019, filed as “single” was used for stimulus.
      If he still hasn’t received a check & checking status show no available information than it’s likely he indeed has to submit a 1040.

  18. Barbara Alvarez

    My daughter is in prison and she got her stimulus check and I have power of attorney for her finance can I open an back o for her with it

    1. You would need power of attorney from/for the IRS, from 2848, on that there are specifics actions that representation of said person in case your daughter allows such “sign a return”

  19. I released from federal prison Jan 10 and have been working since the first of February and haven’t filed in recent years because of my incarceration so I receive a stimulus payment?

  20. I was recently released from prison and filed for the stimulus check at leased 8 times and was told just recently that I don’t qualify ( which I know to be BS ) what do I need to do to get the check from the IRS because I keep getting the run around.

  21. I would like to ask you a question son was released from prison after being incarcerated for 10 years he was released May 5th 2020. He submitted a request for the stimulus payment on the IRS website. It was rejected stating he needed his IP pin number.he’s never filed taxes before so he would not have this number and there’s no way they could have sent it to him because he was incarcerated. And every time I try to find out what’s going on no one knows what I’m talkin about neither does IRS I can’t even get him nutrition assistance because they need to identify him and it all has to do with the IRS I don’t understand this because I stated he was incarcerated for 10 years he has not worked at all even before this he did not work do you have any suggestions because I cannot find the help that I can get for him.
    And we’re from Phoenix

    1. This is old so maybe this is resolved. I do so.
      Since he hasn’t submitted taxes for such a prolonged time, it was flagged as possible fraud. He doesn’t have an ip pin because they IRS provides him with one. A letter should have arrived in the mail with more details. He could also call this number, 800-908-4490, it is an IRS phone number. He will be asked questions to verify his identity, as well as state why he hasn’t submitted taxes due to his incarceration. Details on that alone who prove his identity, inmates have personalized numbers, state the facility he was in. Of course he should have social security #, ID/driver license # (if you have one), date of birth, mailing address, filing status (single, joint, etc), I believe an email address. Make sure everything matches with what’s on the form submitted. However correct anything that could have been mistaken, a number, a letter or even a word. Worst case is you have to have wait for letter(should have already), verify yourself, get pin, best case is you’ll prove you’re not a victim of fraud, get the clearance, & that will be that.
      Your son has to do the talking, you could be with him, help him, but if you call for your son and ask, you will not get any information.

  22. I was incarnated. While locked up in prison someone filled my stimulus check and got ou it. How, what, or i do? And can i still get my money. Its there any other impact money i qualify for?

  23. My son is getting out of prison on July 28, 2020 what dose he have to do to be approved for the stimulus check ?
    Please help and return the answer to me so I can help him get some clothes.
    Thank you for the help

    1. I was just released from prison Sept 8th 2020 and went to the non filers tool . Do I actually qualify and will I get my money

  24. If you received a direct deposit refund in the past two years, the money will be sent to that account. If not, then the check will be sent to the last known address that is on record for you.

    1. I am out of prison. I was in for over 17 years. Do I qualify for the stimulus checks? How do I apply?
      Thanks, Dan

  25. Hi my name is James Luckett and I just recently just got released from prison and I was wondering do I qualify for any government money besides Social Security income

  26. Teneishea Wilson

    If someone just got released from the county jail can they still get a stimulus even if they didn’t file in 2018 2019

  27. I just got out of prison am I still eligable for a stimulus check I got out on the 7th of August

  28. I was just released from prison Sept 8 2020 and have been incarcerated the last 4 years ,do I qualify and I went to the non filers tool. Will I receive my check?

  29. I live in Columbia South Carolina and was released from prison in April 2020 after serving 18 years, so I’ve not filed taxes. I see your replies on how to get my stimulus, so thanks for all the information. I am in need of assistance on where to apply for full-time jobs (in South Carolina) with companies that are willing to hire me with my background and age (55). The online job search leads to a lot of dead ends, but I’ve been diligently seeking work. I’ve gotten a few interviews, that resulted in job offers until they see my background. Because I just got out of prison, I’m not allowed to apply to move to another state for at least one year. Any advise you can offer would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for reaching out. We operate only in Greater Cincinnati, so we cannot help you directly, but we encourage you to contact SC Works ( or a similar organization in your region. If there are companies in your area who are willing to offer a second chance, an organization like SC Works should be able to connect you with them. Good luck!

  30. Willie Mitchell

    I’m trying recieve stimulus checks but don’t have any information on how to get it.

  31. My husband is incarcerated and Iamon disability. I have a bank account in my name, we don’t file taxes jointly. I actually haven’t filed taxes myself since 2017, just the Non-Filers. My question is, my husband didn’t receive either stimulus check. Can I file for his Tax Rebate Online and have it direct deposited into my bank account And if he needs to “paper” file himself, can he have it direct deposited into my account?

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